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4 Benefits of Watching Shows & Movies with Subtitles

Senior couple sitting on a sofa watching TV with subtitles on.

Whether you have hearing loss or not, subtitles can help you enjoy your viewing experience. Find out why we all need subtitles.

#1 Better Speech Comprehension

You might be watching a visual masterpiece, but it’s all for nothing if you can’t understand what the characters are saying. That could be due to an actor’s performance and manner of speaking or the audio mixing quality.

You may also find it difficult to hear dialogue over the musical score and special effects. Using subtitles allows your brain to connect sounds with written words, improving your speech comprehension. That also reduces the amount of energy your brain uses to hear.

#2 Context Clues and Clarity

The way a person says something influences how you interpret a scene, which is why it’s important to recognize the context in which something is spoken.

Subtitles include more than just dialogue. Closed captions often use descriptions and adjectives to convey how something is said. They also provide explanations of background sounds and effects to help you get a sense of how a show or movie feels.

#3 Improved Literacy

If you have hearing loss, it may take time to relearn the sounds you’ve been missing. Subtitles can improve your understanding of the meaning and pronunciation of words. They also allow you to differentiate word sounds.

Consonant sounds can be tricky to discern from each other. A character could say “I’d like to make a wish,” but you might hear, “I’d like to make a witch.” Subtitles remove that obstacle, so you don’t have to miss out on the details of a performance.

#4 Access to More Films and Shows

You don’t have to limit yourself to films in English. Subtitles allow you to explore the wide world of cinema through translation, and you may find a new favorite genre of shows and films.

Subtitles are also helpful if you’re learning to speak a foreign language. You can read what is being said with context to better interpret the use of speech.

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