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7 Tips to Help Your Child Adjust to Hearing Aids

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Hearing loss affects people of all ages. If your child is new to hearing aids, it could take time for them to adjust to wearing their devices. Here are some tips to help.

#1: Get Them Involved in Their Treatment

It’s important for children to feel included in their hearing journey so they retain a sense of autonomy and independence. Encourage them to ask questions and give their opinions when selecting hearing aids.

Children’s hearing aids come in various sizes, styles and colors, so your son or daughter may choose something to suit their preferences. There are also hearing aid accessories, such as charms and stickers, for children’s hearing devices.

You child’s involvement will, ultimately, make them more likely to consistently wear their hearing aids and communicate with you about how they’re feeling.

#2: Increase Hearing Aid Use Over Time

If your family is new to with , getting used to hearing sounds again can be overwhelming. They’ll pick up on sounds they’ve been missing and need to relearn how to filter background noise, like a ticking clock or conversations.

Create a schedule for wearing hearing aids. Increase the duration by a few minutes each day until your child feels comfortable using their devices for long periods. If they resist putting in their hearing aids, try setting a timer or establishing a reward system.

#3: Create a Care Routine

Moisture, debris and earwax buildup affects hearing aid function, so set up a daily cleaning regimen for your child. That will teach them to value their devices and be careful with them.

Here are some hearing aid cleaning tips for your child:

  • Wash your hands before handling hearing aids.
  • Only remove hearing aids over a soft surface like a towel.
  • Wipe the devices with a clean cloth.
  • Use a wax pick or soft bristle brush to clear ports and receivers.
  • Replace wax guards if necessary.
  • Store hearing aids in a dry, secure spot or place them in a dehumidifier overnight.

Hearing aids should be turned off after use and kept away from moisture and heat. Ensure your child stores them out of reach of pets and small children.

#4: Talk to Their Teachers

Hearing loss can affect how your child learns. Wearing hearing aids at school allows them to better understand their education. Talk with their teacher about getting your child a seat at the front of the classroom with a clear view of the board. Ask about written materials so your child can follow along during lessons as well as any assistive technology that may be available.

#5: Make a Hearing Aid Kit

Having the essentials on hand allows your child to address

Here are some items to include:

  • A hearing aid case
  • Extra batteries or a charging station for rechargeable devices
  • Hearing aid clips or sleeves to secure their devices
  • A cleaning cloth and brush
  • Extra wax guards and domes

Include a notecard with directions for troubleshooting hearing aid problems so their teachers can assist if necessary.

#6: Prepare Them for Questions

Friends and classmates may be curious about your child’s hearing aids and ask questions. Talk about the possibility and help your child understand why others might notice their devices. Emphasize that using hearing aids isn’t a bad thing and doesn’t make them different from their other children. Discussing those scenarios allows your child to prepare answers beforehand.

#7: Be Patient

Your child will adjust to their hearing aids at their own pace, so be patient as they get comfortable using their devices. Give your son or daughter the space to express their emotions and work together to overcome hurdles.

Wearing hearing aids should be a positive experience. Working with your child allows them to learn about and use their devices with a support system.

Pediatric Hearing Aids at Hearing Associates

At Hearing Associates, your child will have a dedicated team of audiologists and hearing specialists in their corner to assist them along their hearing journey. We offer children’s hearing aids from major hearing aid manufacturers and will modify the fit and programming to suit your child’s needs. We will also upgrade their devices as they grow and create a long-term care plan.

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