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Accommodation Tips for Guest with Hearing Loss

Family sitting around a dining room table raising glasses in a toast

The Easter holiday can be a great time for families to get together and visit one another. But for people with hearing loss, spring time get-togethers can be a stressful, even with hearing aids.

While everyone else is enjoying group conversations, people with hearing loss may be having a difficult time following conversations and hearing what everyone is saying.

If you are hosting a get-together this year, here are some tips for accommodating a loved one with hearing loss:

Create separate noise environments

Rather than having all activities take place in one area, spread them out so you can reduce the noise level. Have people watch TV in one room of the house while the children play in another room. Meanwhile, designate another room (such as the dining room) as an area for conversations. You’re guest with hearing aids will have an easier time holding a conversation with the reduction in background noise.

Arrange the seating strategically

Place your guest with hearing loss away from the kitchen or small children who may be loud. By seating them away from noisy situations, they will have an easier time hearing everyone else. Also, seat your hearing impaired guest closely to other guests that they may want to talk with.

Improve their dining experience

Provide good lighting. The lighting will help your guest follow conversations by reading lips and observing body language.

Pay attention to their needs

If your guest with hearing loss looks lost or frustrated, don’t be afraid to try and include them in conversation or accommodate their needs. People with hearing loss may be too embarrassed to speak up, so be sure to keep an eye on them.

The holidays are a great time for families to get together and catch-up on everything that is going on in their lives, but it can be frustrating for people with hearing loss. If you have a loved one experiencing hearing loss, encourage them to get a hearing test at Hearing Associates. Call 888-760-2032 to schedule an appointment at our main office in Mason City, or at one of our locations in Iowa and Albert Lea, Minnesota.