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Aural Rehabilitation: What Is It and Does It Work?

Audiologist explaining hearing aids to an older female patient

At Hearing Associates in Iowa, we’re ready to address your hearing health when you are. If we identify hearing loss during your testing, we’ll help you explore all of the options available to improve your communication skills.

There’s a common misconception that hearing aids are the “cure all” for hearing impairments. But, improved communication involves long-term rehabilitation in which hearing aids play a part.

When you enter our “Your Hearing Journey” aural rehab classes, you will set realistic goals, and know what to expect from both your hearing aids and your hearing aid provider. Remember, we’re just as committed and motivated as you are.

So, what is aural rehabilitation? See how our cutting-edge “Your Hearing Journey” program can enhance your communication, hearing aid adjustment period and overall well-being.

Communication Strategies

Hearing aids are strong, effective tools for increasing your hearing abilities. But, they don’t automatically make you a better listener. That takes work!

Listening requires concentration, attention and interest. Often, those with hearing impairments develop poor listening skills. That’s because hearing becomes so difficult that they “give up” and tune out the speaker. Once you’re fitted with your hearing aids, it’s imperative that you reshape your listening skills, too.

“Your Hearing Journey” enables you to retrain your brain. We’ll teach you how to become more acclimated to sounds you may have been missing for years – such as a loved one’s voice. Hearing Associates will equip you with all the necessary listening skills for greater success at work, at home and out and about.

Our aural rehab classes teach you to be aware of your positioning and surroundings to maximize the acoustics of a room or vehicle. You will learn how to avoid environment obstacles that may interrupt clarity. These small details can add to or take from hearing potential.

Adjustment Counseling in a Group Setting

Hearing Associates recognizes the benefits of group hearing aid orientation and support sessions.

We’ll focus on use, care and repair of hearing aids, adjusting to amplification, listening and communication strategies. Our patients find that the primary advantage of a group environment is peer support.

You’re not alone – you’ll work together with others who share similar hearing impairments.

The Role of Your Family

We strongly advise including family members and significant others throughout your aural rehabilitation journey, and bringing a special person to class with you. This vital piece of the aural rehabilitation journey helps your loved one understand everyday obstacles you might face.

Your personal support partner will learn about your hearing problems, how to help reduce environmental stressors, and how to improve their own communication skills with you. You and your partner will facilitate easier communication – and strengthen your bond.

At Hearing Associates, we encourage patients and their families to learn the necessary skills to overcome challenges together, thus enhancing your hearing world and keeping healthy communication going.


Simply purchasing hearing aids does not ensure improved communication. Remember, hearing aids are not a “quick-fix” investment. They are simply tools that provide the amplification you need to become a better listener and communicator.

If you’re motivated to improve your communication by obtaining hearing aids, relearning to listen, and engaging in an active rehabilitation process, you can increase your overall well-being. Join Hearing Associates for the “Your Hearing Journey” classes to better understand – and enjoy – the world around you.

Class Schedule

We meet once a week for the three-week session, and you can choose which class works best for your schedule each week. Classes are offered at two convenient times each week, either Thursday or Friday.

The meeting schedule is:

Thursday at 5:30 pm at the Main Location
Hearing Associates, P.C.
250 South Crescent Drive
Mason City, IA 50401

Friday at 3:00 pm at Cabin Coffee
1304 4th St SE
Mason City, IA 50401

The staff at Hearing Associates understands that your hearing health is more than a one-step fix.  Take the hearing journey with us. Request an appointment today or call our staff at 888.760.2032 to regain control of your hearing health.