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Caption Phones For Improved Communications

Image of senior man on phone.

If you find yourself struggling to hear phone conversations or prefer others to make your phone calls for you, it may be time to consider a captioned telephone.

There are several varieties of captioned telephones and all are connected to the Captioned Telephone Service (CTS). The service supplies a network of communication assistants who reiterate spoken conversations that are almost instantly transcribed and sent back to your caption phone.

If you suffer from hearing loss, Hearing Associates can provide certification to qualify you for ClearCaptions and CaptionCall. These caption phones need internet or WiFi connection and sometimes require a landline. If no landline exists, a VoIP number can be generated.


  • Real-time captioning of every spoken word during a phone call
  • No cost to those with certified hearing loss
  • Live operators generate captions for incoming calls


  • Incoming party’s words scroll while you talk
  • Improves connectivity with family and friends
  • CaptionCall delivers, installs, and trains you free of charge

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