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Hearing Booth Renovations

Hearing booth in an audiologist office

We’ve been doing some remodeling at our main location in Mason City, Iowa. In a movement to make our office more handicap accessible, we made a few modifications to our hearing booth.

Our renovation removed the step, dropped the booth to ground level, and altered it to be wheelchair friendly. Although the modification was minor, it has opened new doors for our patients. We are now able to effortlessly provide a wide range of hearing tests to our patients with physical limitations.

As it says in our mission statement, “At Hearing Associates, P.C., our goal is to be your guide in your pursuit of better communication.

We’ll present options that best suit your lifestyle to help you overcome hearing loss. Our experienced staff is here to listen to your needs and show you the ways that we can improve your hearing and quality of life.”

To test our new hearing booth for yourself, contact us today to schedule your appointment.