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Hearing Loops clarify sounds in busy places

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There is no doubt that hearing aids assist people who are hard of hearing, but their effectiveness in group settings can sometimes be questionable due to background noises. This is why many public places that have a lot of background noise – such as hospitals and subways – have installed hearing loops.

Hearing loops allow people with hearing aids to clearly understand sounds in a speaker system, even in high traffic areas. By using a sound system that links to your hearing aid, hearing loops send sounds directly from the sound system to your hearing aid.

Regardless of your type of hearing loss or hearing aid, hearing loops do not distort sounds and eliminate background noise.

Best of all, hearing loops do not require any additional equipment such as headphones. Hearing aid wears simply need to activate the T-Coil in their hearing aid to use hearing loops. If you would like to activate the T-Coil in your hearing aid so you can use hearing loops, schedule an appointment at Hearing Associates by calling 888-760-2032 or request an appointment online.

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