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Holiday Traditions

At Hearing Associates in Mason City, Iowa, we take family time very seriously…especially during the holidays. One of the more important things we love to hear about are family traditions. Our receptionist, Pam DeRoy was more than happy to share her favorite Christmas tradition that has been going since she was a little girl.

Her parents live near Duluth, MN where they have an open house on Christmas Day where anyone is welcome to drop by. Friends, family, neighbors, coworkers, new acquaintances from the grocery store…you get the idea. Everyone is welcome at their home to stop in to say hi or stay for a while. In more recent years, Pam shared a memory of her children always making Christmas cookies for Santa every year, getting flour everywhere, and having a fun time making memories while doing it. Just thinking about it brings a big smile to Pam’s face!

What is your favorite holiday tradition?