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Tips For Camping With Hearing Loss

Seniors camping

If you love experiencing the great outdoors from a campsite, you may know that hearing loss can present some challenges in a more primitive setting.

Hearing can play a large role in the camping experience: the snapping of branches, wild animal sounds, crackling fire and chatter of neighboring campers signal different responses in campers with perfect hearing.

Those of us with a hearing impairment may not be able to hear all of these sounds clearly, but that needn’t prevent us from having a positive camping experience. Hearing Associates in Mason City, Iowa offers the following tips to ensure a safe, relaxing time on your next outdoor adventure:

  1. Have dry spots for hearing devices: Nothing puts a damper on a camping trip faster than soaked gear, including hearing aids. Make sure you have somewhere safe and dry to place them when not in use. It doesn’t have to be fancy – a sealable plastic bag works just fine.
  2. Rely on other senses: If your hearing won’t help you detect potential dangers around the campfire or in the tent, you must be vigilant with your sense of sight, smell, taste and touch. If you’re in a place where wildlife poses a potential threat, keep your eyes open for tracks, feces and moving branches and other signs that may signal their presence. Be aware that food smells coming from your campsite may potentially attract unwanted visitors.
  3. Bring lots of light: Camping and communicating at night but can be tricky without adequate lighting. Bring plenty of flashlights, lanterns, matches and remember to keep your phone charged if possible for the flashlight feature. If camping with others, you’ll be able to understand them better if you can clearly see their faces.
  4. Get to know the ranger or neighbors: Especially if you’re an inexperienced camper, you may want to let the camp host or park ranger know of your hearing loss – they’ll likely be willing to help in case you need assistance. Also, introducing yourself to your fellow campers can help you feel more comfortable in your surroundings.
  5. Let others know where you’ll be: Cell phone service can be spotty or nonexistent in some campgrounds, so be sure to inform loved ones of your whereabouts and approximate location.

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