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Tips for Discussing Hearing Loss with Your Loved One

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Is your parent showing signs of hearing loss? Have they dismissed the idea when you suggest getting hearing aids?

It’s common for people to resist treating their hearing loss because of outdated stigmas associated with hearing aids. However, having the hearing loss talk with your mom or dad is still important.

Find the Right Time and Place

This discussion can be stressful, but it will be even more difficult if it happens in a noisy environment. Find a quiet room, eliminate as many background sounds as possible and sit face-to-face. 

Pick a time when your mom or dad is relaxed and doesn’t have other concerns vying for their attention. Talking about their hearing loss when they’re preoccupied may cause unnecessary stress.

Be Empathetic

Hearing someone tell you your physical abilities are changing is not easy. Be calm and compassionate, and give your loved one time to process your words. Don’t argue if they become defensive. Allow your parent time to express their opinions and emotions before you respond.

Using “I” statements can prevent you from sounding accusatory. Instead of saying, “You never hear me when I speak,” you could say, “I struggle to communicate with you.” That allows you to state your case without sounding like you’re pointing the finger at them.

Provide a New Perspective

If your parent has assumptions about hearing aids, try providing a different point of view to show them how hearing technology could improve their lifestyle. Make a reasonable comparison: if something was wrong with their eyesight, wouldn’t they want to address it as soon as possible?

While adjusting to hearing aids is quite different from getting glasses, making that connection helps your loved one see that treating their hearing loss can positively impact their life. 

Explain the Risks of Untreated Hearing Loss

Your parent should be aware of the dangers of leaving their hearing loss untreated. 

Hearing loss is often a comorbidity of other health conditions, including:

Emphasize that treating their hearing loss is a way for your loved one to improve their overall health. Audiologists analyze causes of hearing loss, which may help your parent identify health concerns they didn’t know existed. 

Highlight the Benefits of Hearing Aids

Discussing hearing health may seem negative, so it’s important to show your loved one the advantages of wearing hearing aids. Gone are the days of large, clunky devices. Modern hearing aids are available in various styles and sizes, some of which are barely visible to the naked eye.

Bluetooth hearing aids connect wirelessly to smart technology and stream phone calls, making it easier for your parent to talk to you and their grandkids. They could also listen to their favorite music and TV audio in their hearing devices without cranking the volume. 

Some hearing aids adjust to different listening environments automatically, so your mom or dad won’t have to fiddle with the settings. Most hearing manufacturers have apps that allow your loved one to control their devices with the touch of a button.

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