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Tips for New Hearing Aid Users

So you just got hearing aids. You’re starting to adjust to your new world of sound.  You’ve been shown how to care for your new device, including how to insert and remove them, change the batteries, and clean them. But we’d like to offer a list of tips you may not have received from your provider:

  • When you remove your hearing aids, store them in a safe place, out of reach of pets and children. Damage caused by pets is usually not covered by the warranty.  Swallowing hearing aid batteries, like all batteries, is a life-threatening emergency. By keeping your hearing aids in a secure place, away from animals and children, you can avoid accidents.
  • Keep your devices away from water, including when bathing and swimming, in showers and hot tubs, as well as when you’re out in the rain and snow! If you’ll be out in wet weather, carry an umbrella, or a hat, ear muffs- anything to keep your hearing aids dry.
  • Always be prepared: carry an extra set of batteries with you wherever you go.
  • Keep hairstyling products away from your devices. Wait to put your hearing aids in until after the products are completely dry.
  • Turn your hearing aids off when not in use. Unless you’re using a charging box, be sure to turn them off when you remove them.

Adapting to your devices takes time. But soon you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them! And remember, your friends at Hearing Associates, with eight locations in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota, offer ongoing consultation. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us. We’re committed to you, every step of the way.