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Using Hearing Aids To Track Fitness Levels

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Today’s hearing aids aren’t your father’s hearing aids.

That is, they do a lot more than make it easier to hear – they actually make it easier to be healthy.

Paired with Bluetooth technology and corresponding apps, modern hearing devices from the major manufacturers help wearers track a number of important health and fitness levels, helping monitor activity amounts and warning of potential problems before they turn more serious.

These hearing aids can help tally steps, heart rate, detect falls and monitor overall fitness levels. They even monitor daily usage of your devices and time spent in social engagement, which helps boost cognitive health awareness.

AARP conducted a study reporting that activity trackers helped wearers stay motivated to reach their health goals.

It turns out the ear is a perfect place to have a health tracker. It’s on a more stable area of the body than the wrist, which is subject to ancillary movements. Because the ear is a more accurate place to measure fitness metrics than the wrist, making these Bluetooth-connective hearing aids a better indication of fitness levels.

And because you’re more likely to remember to put your hearing aids in than you are a watch, you get a more accurate portrayal of your activity. Some reports suggest that half of fitness band owners stop wearing them after six months while hearing aid users are more likely to wear them forever because of the obvious hearing benefits.

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