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Winter Hearing Protection

Did you know cold weather requires extra protection for your hearing aids? Your ears aren’t the only thing compromised by winter temperatures.Follow these simple tips to help keep your hearing aids safe this winter.

• Set your hearing aids for noise reduction
Snow blowers and snowmobiles can produce sounds over 100 dB, so it’s important to make sure the memory settings on your hearing aids turn off the amplification features you normally use.

• Use earmuffs
Noise reduction earmuffs decrease sounds by as much as 30 dB, so they’re highly useful if you need to work outside with loud equipment and your hearing aids don’t have memory settings.

• Invest in a sweatband
Your behind-the-ear hearing aids can be damaged by moisture from perspiration- this will shorten the life of your hearing aids. Sweatbands can reduce this moisture and most are washable.

• De-humidify your hearing aids
Hearing aid de-humidifiers will help extend the life of your device. Moisture will be removed while you sleep, so they’ll be ready to go when you wake up!

• Keep batteries dry
Before you turn off your hearing aids, carefully remove the batteries and wipe the compartment thoroughly using a dry, warm cloth before returning them to the case.

To learn more about extending the life of your hearing aids, schedule an appointment at Hearing Associates in Mason City, Iowa.