How to Find the Best Audiologist Near You

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Being able to hear is something we take for granted until it starts to fail us. Losing hearing can be devastating, whether it’s due to a sudden event or age-related issues. If you’re dealing with hearing loss, you may be able to receive help from an audiologist. There are many audiologists to choose from, but […]

Zinc-Air vs. Lithium-ion Hearing Aid Batteries: Which Ones Should You Use?

Oticon smart charger and desktop charger comparison

You’ve come to the right place if you’re at the crossroads between zinc-air and lithium-ion batteries. This blog will take you on an in-depth look at the pros and cons of hearing aid batteries. After reading it, you should determine which one to use for your hearing aids. What Are Zinc-Air Hearing Aid Batteries? Zinc-air […]

The Stigma Surrounding Hearing Aids is Changing

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Some people still worry about the stigma associated with wearing hearing aids despite the continued growth and advances in modern hearing technology. The incorrect association may be based on outdated perceptions about how hearing devices look. However, that stigma is changing as more people learn about how hearing devices can improve quality of life. The […]