Are Nighttime Noises Affecting Your Hearing Loss?

You may think hearing loss will give you a better chance at sleeping soundly since you don’t hear traffic, crickets or other sounds that can keep you up at night. However, your body still responds to sounds even if you’re not consciously listening, and that negatively affects your hearing health. How Noise Disrupts Sleep Patterns […]

Managing Hearing Loss in the Workplace

Older man with hearing protection on his ears and wearing face shield

Hearing loss can affect your work, but finding the right communication strategies and expressing your needs will help you mitigate the possible effects of hearing loss on your productivity. Challenges for People with Hearing Loss Communication problems are among the most daunting obstacles you may face if you have hearing loss. Whether you wear hearing […]

Handling a Tinnitus Spike

Young woman suffering from tinnitus while holding hand to ear

Have you noticed that the ringing in your ears worsens every so often? It may feel random and completely out of your control, and that can be very frustrating. So, what’s going on, and how do you manage your tinnitus symptoms during a spike? What is a Tinnitus Spike? A spike is defined as an […]

Protecting Your Ears While You Swim

Young woman in swimsuit and swimcap with fingers on her ears using swim earplugs

Whether you’re in a pool or a natural body of water, swimming is a great way to unwind, have fun and exercise. But water and bacteria can get trapped in your ears and cause damage to the delicate hair cells that send auditory stimuli to your brain. Ear Conditions Caused by Swimming Swimmer’s ear: Also known […]

Defining Microtia and Atresia

Infant receiving medical treatment on ears

The shape of your outer ear and ear canal affects your ability to hear and localize sounds. Microtia and atresia are congenital conditions that impact the shape of the ear and can cause hearing loss. What is Microtia? A birth defect that affects up to 7,000 babies every year, microtia is the underdevelopment of the […]

Oral Hygiene and Hearing Loss

Younger man flossing while looking at himself in the mirror

Forgetting to brush your teeth infrequently or skipping flossing for a couple of days may not seem like a big deal at first. However, your oral hygiene can indirectly affect your hearing health. Keeping Bacteria at Bay Brushing twice a day keeps the bacteria in your mouth under control. Poor oral hygiene may cause tooth […]

How Ear Shape Affects Sound Perception

Audiologist wearing blue rubber glove extending man's ear to show ear shape

A recent suggests the shape of your auricle or outer ear controls how your brain perceives the vertical location of sounds. In other words, your ear shape can affect how well you hear. Shape Is Essential The auricle includes the visible portion of your external ear and a portion of the ear canal. When a […]

A Parent’s Guide to Childhood Hearing Loss

Young boy wearing hearing aid and playing game on smartphone

According to the Center for Hearing and Communication (CHC), about three million children in the United States have lost some of their hearing. By discussing the importance of protecting their hearing, you can help your child form good listening habits to prevent premature hearing loss. Causes of Hearing Loss in Children Children are attracted to loud noises. They could […]

Cochlear Implants and Hearing Aids: What’s the Difference?

Hearing aids on table

On the surface, cochlear implants and hearing aids serve a similar purpose. Both devices improve sound interpretation and speech recognition for people with sensorineural hearing loss. But that’s where their similarities end. How They Work Hearing aids are inserted into the ear canal to amplify sound before it reaches the inner ear. Each device has a mic, […]

Useful Apps for Hearing Aid Wearers

Patient with hearing aid looking at smartphone

Whether you use them to adjust your hearing aids or learn language skills, hearing and language apps can improve your communication. Apps for Hearing Loss Communication can become complicated when you or someone you love has hearing loss. Having hearing loss often requires learning special language skills. Luckily, there are plenty of apps for smartphones and tablets that […]