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Lyric Hearing Aids

If you live near Mason City, Iowa, Charles City, Iowa or Albert Lea, Minnesota and need a Lyric hearing aid provider, look no further.

Hearing Associates offers the Lyric Extended Wear Device at all our locations throughout northern Iowa and southern Minnesota. We’re a Lyric-trained provider, which means our audiologists have received extensive training on programming and inserting these devices.

This acclaimed, extended-wear hearing aid is unlike any of its predecessors

Banner Image of Lyric hearing aid

How is Lyric Different?

It’s invisible. Lyric devices are so small that they fit entirely inside your ear canal.

The Lyric is comfortable and simple to use. Once placed, it remains in your ear for up to four months at a time, allowing you to enjoy powerful hearing technology 24 /7.

There are no batteries to change, and no maintenance is required.

Lyric offers amazing, natural sound quality because it works with your ear’s anatomy. The device uses your outer ear to direct sound into your canal and deliver exceptional sound quality.

How is it Placed?

Our specially trained audiologists will place the hearing aid in the ear canal without the need for surgery or anesthetic. Once it’s comfortably placed, we’ll program the device to meet your specific needs.

After placement, we’ll provide instruction on adjusting the settings and volume.

Schedule a visit to our offices in Mason City, Iowa, Charles City, Iowa or Albert Lea, Minnesota when your devices need to be replaced.

Do you have questions about Lyric hearing aids? Schedule an appointment to determine if you’re a candidate for these revolutionary devices.