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Oticon Hearing Aids

With Oticon, you can customize the hearing aid color, style and technology to fit your needs. They adapt to your listening environment to help you communicate freely.

The Oticon More portfolio has various styles and features in three performance levels for those with mild to profound hearing loss. The More is Oticon’s new rechargeable RIC device that operates on a completely new platform.

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Oticon Real

Enjoy a realistic hearing experience with the Oticon Real. The rich sounds of conversations and laughter are delivered to your ears without any lag. Your brain will have access to quality audio, so it won’t have to work as hard to interpret sounds. The Oticon Real is available in four miniBTE styles with wireless connectivity so you can access smart technology.

Oticon Own

The Oticon Own is a discreet in-the-ear hearing aid that provides powerful sound enhancement to suit your needs. The Own is available in five ITE styles, each custom-made to fit your unique ear shape. This hearing aid uses BrainHearing technology and an onboard Deep Neural Network to support natural sound interpretation, even in complex listening environments. Three styles have Bluetooth connectivity to stream audio into your hearing devices.


The Oticon CROS PX hearing aids have dual-streaming technology that allows you to stream audio while filtering background noise for a seamless listening experience. CROS devices transmit sound from both hearing aids and send the audio from your poorer ear to your better ear, so you don’t have to work as hard to interpret sounds. These hearing aids take the extra load off your ears and brain so you can immerse yourself in sounds.

Oticon Opn BTE13 Power Plus

The powerful and compact Opn BTE13 Plus Power brings the benefits of an open sound to users with severe to profound hearing loss. This powerful hearing loss solution is designed to meet your everyday needs with a perfect balance of size, user-friendliness and power.


The Oticon Zircon utilizes BrainHearing technology to create a complete soundscape, so you can enjoy the sounds of everyday living. These hearing aids feature speech-enhancing technology, so your ears don’t contend with background distractions.

The wireless connectivity allows you to make hands-free phone and video calls. The Zircon is available in BTE and RIC styles and rechargeable or non-rechargeable options.

Oticon Xceed

Connect to the world around you with Oticon Xceed’s open sound experience. Oticon Xceed uses BrainHearing™ technology to provide improved speech clarity with reduced listening effort. These powerful hearing aids are for people with severe hearing loss as they provide stable speech signals without static or whistling.

Xceed Play

The Oticon Xceed Play is an ideal hearing solution for children with severe to profound hearing loss. The OpenSound Navigator technology will give your child 360° access to speech, so they can learn and engage with their environment.

The Xceed Play delivers better sound quality and reduces the risk of feedback. These hearing devices come with wireless connectivity features and remote microphones to help your child stay focused in an educational setting.

Personal Sound Amplification Devices

Getting the most out of your hearing aids is as easy as using the Oticon ConnectClip, remote microphone, TV Adapter or Phone Adapter 2.0.

Play PX

Like your children, the Oticon Play PX hearing aid learns through experience. The on-board Deep Neural Network allows this hearing device to automatically interpret your child’s listening environment and adjust to their needs.

The Play PX is compatible with iPhones, iPads and select Android devices, so your child can stream audio and calls right to their devices. This hearing aid is available in 12 colors and four styles.

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