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Phonak Hearing Aids

At Hearing Associates, we provide a wide range of hearing aid options to our patients in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota. We offer Phonak hearing aids that are appropriate for people with all levels of hearing loss.

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Audéo Lumity

The Audéo Lumity is a rechargeable RIC hearing aid. This device uses Phonak SmartSpeech technology so you can immerse yourself in different listening environments. The artificial intelligence allows the hearing aid to adapt to your surroundings, so you don’t have to worry about making adjustments.

Virto P-Titanium

This custom-made hearing aid provides powerful sound enhancement in a discreet design. The titanium shell has 1,600 biometric data points to suit your ear shape. This ITE hearing aid reduces wind noise, whistling and echoes so you can enjoy a comfortable listening experience. The Virto P-Titanium also addresses tinnitus symptoms.

Naída Link Marvel

The BTE style of the Naída Link M provides excellent sound quality suited for severe to profound hearing loss. The robust design is dust- and water-resistant. The Naída Link M features Bluetooth connectivity and bimodal performance, so the hearing aid (not aids plural) workS with a cochlear implant to provide the best listening solution. These devices can be paired with Advanced Bionics cochlear implants.

Audéo Slim

The Audéo Slim is designed with comfort in mind. Each device is shaped to naturally follow the curve of your head and fit easily behind your ears. The small design is packed with audio-enhancing features, including excellent speech understanding, personalized noise cancellation and Bluetooth connectivity. You can also track your steps, activity and other health data.

Audéo Fit

These hearing aids go beyond improving sound quality. They’re also designed to optimize your health journey. In addition to crisp, natural sound, the Audéo Fit tracks your heart rate, steps and walking distance. You have the option to set and monitor fitness goals and can connect your hearing aids to the myPhonak app to adjust your devices with the touch of a button.

Audéo Life

Listen confidently in any soundscape with Audéo Life hearing aids. These devices are the first waterproof and rechargeable hearing devices that can be submerged in up to 1.64 feet of pool, fresh and salt water. These hearing aids offer universal Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones, TVs and Roger hearing accessories.


The CROS P hearing solution is designed to optimize a unilateral listening experience. Audio is sent from the hearing aid on your weaker side to your stronger ear, so you can clearly understand speech and other sounds. CROS P hearing aids provide Bluetooth connectivity to smartphones and other wireless devices. This hearing aid is available in rechargeable and replaceable battery options for convenient and reliable power.

Virto P

These in-the-ear devices are customizable and suit mild to severe hearing loss. You’ll enjoy enhanced speech understanding and crisp, natural sound with the Virto P. These hearing devices can differentiate streamed audio and ambient sound, making it easier to discern sounds in any listening environment. Virto P hearing aids have Bluetooth capabilities and can switch between multiple wireless connections.

Audéo Paradise

Audéo Paradise features hardware that offers premier speech understanding and personalized noise cancellation. These rechargeable hearing aids come with Bluetooth connectivity and voice assistant access at the touch of a button.

Audéo P-R

As the fastest-charging, longest-lasting rechargeable Phonak hearing aid, the Audéo B-R provides 24 hours of powerful hearing from a three-hour charge. The lithium-ion hearing aid battery lasts through the lifetime of the hearing devices, so you don’t have to worry about changing the batteries regularly.


These hearing devices are an innovative solution for single-sided deafness. CROS P automatically detects your listening environment and switches to the ideal setting. CROS P devices can also isolate voices in front of you for better speech understanding.

Naída P-PR

This powerful behind-the-ear hearing aid offers improved speech understanding for those with mild to severe hearing loss. The Naída P-PR boasts speech enhancement, dynamic noise cancellation and motion-sense technology. You’ll also enjoy Bluetooth connectivity, hands-free calls and rechargeable lithium-ion batteries.

Bolero M

Phonak Bolero M is a great hearing solution for people with mild to severe hearing loss. These hearing aids provide clear, rich sound with speech understanding technology that will take the extra effort off your brain. They can wirelessly connect to iOS and Android devices.


Sky-M is part of Phonak’s pediatric hearing aid. These devices compensate for mild to profound hearing loss and come in colorful styles. Their technology is specifically designed for infants, children and teens.

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