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Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron designs hearing devices that balance desirable aesthetics, complete comfort and functionality, so they fit effortlessly into your life.

Unitron applies advanced sound amplification technology to create a comfortable and enjoyable hearing experience.

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Max UP

The Max UP caters to those with profound hearing loss. This device uses the same powerful hearing technology as the Max SP, including noise reduction, speech enhancement and feedback control. The Max UP also has Duolink, which allows adjustments to be made in both hearing aids simultaneously. These hearing aids have a masking feature to ease tinnitus symptoms.

Moxi BLU

These innovative hearing aids are powered by Sonova Processing Real-Time Intelligent Sound Management (PRISM). Moxi BLU reacts to your listening environment to create the ideal listening experience. You can personalize your hearing aid settings or choose from six pre-set programs to enhance speech comprehension, focus microphones and reduce background noise.

DX Hearing Aid Family

Moxi Fit: Enjoy style and functionality in perfect harmony, with a 312-hearing aid battery, push-button, and telecoil.

Moxi Jump R T: Jump into better hearing with the innovative speech comprehension technology, rechargeable batteries and a telecoil system.

Moxi Move R: This small hearing device improves spatial awareness and sound localization with SpeechPro technology. Rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth connectivity are available.

T Insera ITE Hearing Aid Family

With the T Insera ITE hearing aids, EarMatch technology optimizes microphone performance based on your ear shape. EarMatch allows the SpeechPro program to help you understand speech and sound localization, even in the most challenging environments.

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Moxi V

The Moxi Vivante hearing aids are sleek and discreet but don’t compromise on power. The receiver-in-the-canal devices have advanced technology designed to filter background noise and focus on speech. Moxi V devices are available in various styles and feature Bluetooth and telecoil technology so you can connect to smart devices and hearing aid accessories.

Stride B

Stride B devices are behind-the-ear hearing aids that provide speech enhancement, noise reduction and a natural sound balance. These hearing aids have an advanced signal processing system that enhances everyday sounds and downplays distracting background noise. You can enjoy music and conversations in quiet or noisy settings.

Insera B

If you’re looking for a discreet hearing aid that fits snuggly in your ear, then the Insera B is for you. These devices feature Blu technology that’s designed to maintain the subtle cues of everyday sounds without being overwhelmed by background noise. Insera B devices have push-button features so you can adjust your settings to your preference.

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