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Widex Hearing Aids

The Widex product collection features hearing aids for all levels of hearing loss. Let the expert team at Hearing Associates help you find the Widex products that suit your expectations. We’ll help you chose the best hearing aids for the job. With Widex hearing aids, you get a powerful listening experience.

Hearing Associates services all Widex devices, and our expert audiologists can program your current hearing technology. We maintain an inventory for replacement parts and software for older Widex hearing aid models. We encourage you to contact us and make an appointment if you need repairs or adjustments for your Widex devices.

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Experience each listening environment to the fullest with the Widex Moment. The behind-the-ear device creates the most natural sound experience possible. You can experience sounds in the moment thanks to the device’s ability to eliminate audio lag.

These hearing aids are built to withstand exposure to the elements and have a water-resistant nano-coating that protects them from moisture damage. The Moment is available in several styles, including behind-the-ear (BTE), receiver-in-canal (RIC) and in-the-ear (ITE). It’s compatible with Widex TV streamers, remote controls and audio streamers.


Widex’s SoundSense Technology allows the Evoke to evolve with each use. The device learns from its surroundings each time you personalize your listening experience. The sounds you’re exposed to are constantly changing, so the Evoke uses the Fluid Sound Analyzer to optimize your hearing aid settings for different environments.

Moment Sheer

The Moment Sheer offers the rich listening experience of the Widex Moment in an even sleeker design. There is no lag between the original sound and the processed audio sent to your ears. You’ll enjoy natural hearing and enjoy living in the moment.