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Hearing Technology: A Short History

Hearing aids are not new technology. Assistive listening devices originated hundreds of years ago but they were large and cumbersome inventions. Over time, their size decreased as their capabilities improved.

The hearing aids of today are small, easy to use and can improve your quality of life greatly. Some hearing aids fit around your ear, while others are nearly the size of your fingertip and are positioned inside the ear canal. Most styles come in discreet skin tones and are self-adjusting, so you can focus less on setting your devices and more on everyday living.

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Advantages of Hearing Aid Technology

Speech enhancement: Digital hearing aids help you take in more of the sounds you want by recognizing and enhancing speech while reducing background noise.

Feedback reduction: Older hearing aids used analog processing that produced erratic squeals. Digital hearing aids process sounds without producing feedback, making your listening experience more pleasant.

Directional microphones: Some hearing aids are equipped with two microphones. One mic focuses toward a sound source while the other reduces ambient noise.

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A Different Kind of Hearing Experience

The audiologists at Hearing Associates conduct in-depth hearing evaluations to determine the severity of your hearing loss. The results will help us determine what kind of hearing aids are right for you.

We offer patients in northern Iowa and southern Minnesota a variety of hearing solutions, including the latest in digital hearing aid technology. We carry devices from the leading hearing aid manufacturers so you can choose from a wide selection of listening technologies.

Schedule an appointment, and we’ll help you find the right device to suit your personal needs.