May Reminds Us to Take Care of Our Hearing

Spring Hearing

Take good care of your hearing.

That’s the message our audiologists want to spread this May during Better Speech and Hearing Month. Speech and Hearing are two of life’s greatest gifts. We need them to communicate and enjoy the many sounds the world has to offer.

However, the gift of hearing can be lost if we don’t take proper care of our ears.  People lose their hearing all too often because they expose themselves to conditions that are damaging.

Here are some simple ways you can take better care of your hearing without having to change your lifestyle.

Turn down the music

We all love a good song, but cranking up the volume can do serious damage to your hearing. Make sure you listen to music at a reasonable volume, especially when you’re in the car or using earbuds.

Wear earplugs

Concerts, sporting events and even lawn mowers can make enough noise to damage your hearing. For that reason, make sure you wear ear plugs when you are attending events or performing tasks that are louder than 85 decibels, which is around the volume level of a blender or vacuum.

Be careful at work

There are a number of professions that expose people to loud noises on a regular basis, including construction workers, farmers and manufacturers. For this reason, talk to your employers about ear safety and the importance of wearing ear protection while on the job.  We offer custom hearing protection for hunters, swimmers, musicians,  and anyone who works or plays in a loud environment. 

Schedule a hearing screening

Having regular hearing evaluations determines not only if you have a hearing loss, but how mild or severe it is. A thorough hearing test can also help define the type of hearing loss you have: conductive, sensorineural or mixed and whether it will respond best to medical treatment or hearing aids.  This is why Better Speech and Hearing month is so helpful in raising awareness about the significance of hearing healthcare and reminding people to schedule a wellness screening. 

Attend a hearing health class or event

Hearing Health Event

This month we are also hosting an event, ‘Your Hearing Journey,’ to educate and assist people on how to manage their hearing health. The presentation will be on Wednesday, May 24 at 10 am, at the Mason City Library (225 2nd Street SE).  

Topics we will cover:

• Results of untreated hearing loss.

• The hearing process.

• Reasons we lose our hearing.

• Strategies to help improve the potential of hearing, including:

    – Effective communication techniques for the person in your life.

    – Ways to protect your hearing.

    – The hope of improved sound quality in our community.

    – Hearing wellness.

We invite everyone to come ‘hear’ about how you can enhance your life with healthy hearing.  We look forward to seeing you there.

Can’t make this event?  Check out our aural rehabilitation program. Aural rehabilitation involves different therapies designed to help you live well with hearing issues. During these classes we will help you make the best use of your hearing aids, explore assistive listening devices, and take charge of your communication strategies.

Donate to the Humane Society

Human Society of North Iowa

Okay maybe that won’t necessarily improve your health, but if you schedule and complete a hearing screening by June 30th, we will donate $20 to the Humane Society of North Iowa.  Save your ears and save the animals, we call that a win-win!

Schedule an appointment at Hearing Associates by calling 888-760-2032. You can schedule an appointment at our main office in Mason City, or at one of our locations in Iowa and Albert Lea, Minnesota.