Oticon’s OPN Solves the Restaurant Dilemma


One of the most challenging social situations for those with hearing loss is dining in a restaurant, where background noise and multiple speakers compete for attention.

Traditional hearing aids address this problem by focusing on one speaker only and closing down other sounds – a process called directionality.

Oticon’s Opn hearing aid is a quantum leap forward. Opn uses the groundbreaking, rapid sound-processing platform Velox to enable wearers to follow conversations involving multiple speakers in complex sound environments.

The Velox platform is 50 times faster than previous hearing aid sound processing technology. It scans, analyzes and reacts to noise in any environment approximately 100 times per second. So, Opn wearers can enjoy an open sound experience in which surrounding sounds are available, but not overbearing or intrusive. Users also can quickly shift their attention and follow the sounds they want to hear.

The Oticon Opn makes hearing easier on the brain by:
• Increasing speech understanding by 30%
• Decreasing listening effort by 20%
• Improving conversation recall by 20%

The small, discreet hearing aid also connects to a variety of smartphones and other Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth technology. Audio is streamed directly to the Opn hearing aids from compatible devices, and uses minimal battery power.

The Opn is also the first hearing aid to connect directly to the Internet. The “If This, Then That” (IFTTT) interface lets users connect to a range of everyday devices – like thermostats, baby monitors and doorbells – directly through their hearing aids.

The staff at Hearing Associates understands the impact poor hearing health has on every aspect of your life. To see if Oticon’s Opn is the right device to enhance your hearing health, call us today at 888.760.2032.

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Source: https://www.oticon.ca/about/press/news—ca/2016/new-oticon-opn—ca