Phonak reveals industry’s first titanium hearing aid

Virto B

Phonak has just set a new standard for hearing aids by unveiling the industry’s only titanium hearing aid.

The Phonak Virto B-Titanium is made with medical-grade titanium and is custom made for every customer so it fits perfectly and discretely into your ear. Being made of titanium also means they are also among the strongest, lightest and most durable hearing aids on the market.

The Vitro B-Titanium uses AutoSense OS and easily adapts to every environment automatically. By analyzing sounds multiple times a second, you are able to hear individual sounds at the perfect level without adjusting your hearing aid manually.

These discrete hearing aids are available in a variety of colors and performance levels so they can meet almost every hearing need.

If you like to be on the cutting edge of hearing aid technology, this may be the perfect hearing aid for you. Hearing Associates is a proud provider of Phonak hearing aids. If you are interested in learning more about the Virto B-Titanium or any other Phonak hearing aid, contact Hearing Associates at 888-760-2032You can also schedule an appointment at our main office in Mason City, or at one of our locations in Iowa and Albert Lea, Minnesota.