When To Refer

Referring Patients to Hearing Associates. Hearing Associates provides audiological services for everyone: from small children to seniors.

Good patient referral examples include patients who:

A quick guide on when to refer your patients to an audiologist or to an ENT:

  • Known need for hearing aid(s)
  • Foreign body in ear
  • Family history of hearing loss
  • Diminished hearing in one ear
  • Complaint of inability to hear
  • Noise Exposure
  • Monitoring for ototoxicity

As audiologists, it’s our role to measure, diagnose, and manage the patient’s hearing loss. If necessary, we will enlist an otolaryngologist to assist with the diagnosis of the etiology of the ear or hearing disorder.

Throughout the years, Hearing Associates has worked closely with the ENT Clinic at The Mason City Clinic serving Mercy North Iowa Hospital, Mason City. The staff of Mason City ENT Clinic continue to be an integral part of sharing the care for mutual patients.