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Additional Hearing Services

Treating hearing loss requires a comprehensive approach. That’s why we offer a wide range of patient-centered audiology services to residents in Mason City, Iowa, Albert Lea, Minnesota and the surrounding areas.

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Hearing Aid Services, Fittings, Maintenance and Repairs

Your hearing devices will be fitted and programmed to meet your specific needs before you leave our office. Our audiologists will work with you to customize the settings of your hearing aids so your devices will be well-adjusted and ready to take on different listening environments.

If your hearing aids come with assistive listening devices, we will help you troubleshoot the technology and answer any questions. You’ll be able to walk out of your appointment prepared and confident in your hearing devices.

You’ll also learn proper hearing aid care and maintenance to keep your devices working their best. We can schedule follow-up visits for regular cleaning and hearing aid repairs. Those appointments are also a good time to make necessary adjustments.

Earwax Removal

Excess earwax can cause conductive hearing loss, but it’s dangerous to use cotton swabs or other objects to clear it away. Come to Hearing Associates for pain-free earwax removal. Our audiologists use specialized instruments to remove excess earwax safely. We take particular care with patients who have narrow ear canals, diabetes or weak immune systems. This service is only available for current hearing aid patients only.

Balance Testing

We provide diagnostic balance testing to identify and treat imbalance problems and dizziness associated with your hearing loss. We use videonystagmography testing (VNG) to determine the source of your imbalance. This four-part test is non-invasive and can be completed quickly and easily in our offices.

Hearing Aid Consultations

Our follow-up appointments are intended to ease your transition period after you receive new hearing aids. Your ears and brain need time to adjust to hearing the sounds you’ve been missing.

We encourage you to express any questions or concerns you may have so we can assist you at that time. You’re welcome to bring a loved one to your consultation as well. Family and friends provide specific insight into your hearing loss that will help your audiologist address your condition.