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Aural Rehabilitation

At Hearing Associates, we offer informative classes on many topics, including aural rehabilitation.

What is Aural Rehabilitation?

It’s a process that involves different therapies that are designed to help you live well with hearing issues. We’ll help you make the best use of your hearing aids, explore assistive listening devices and take charge of your communication strategies.

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Man with his hand held to his ear

Our Classes

There is no cure for hearing loss.

Even with advances in listening technologies, people with hearing loss face communication challenges. It can cause isolation, frustration and fatigue for the individual and their loved ones.

But there is help. “Your Hearing Journey” is a series of classes that provide support, education and information to help you:

  • Network with people who share similar hearing experiences.
  • Find answers to your questions.
  • Understand appropriate expectations of sound amplification.
  • Learn to care for and maintain your hearing aids.
  • Implement effective communication strategies.
  • Learn about environmental obstacles and how to overcome them.
  • Develop strategies to protect your hearing.

What You’ll Learn

Understanding the hearing process: We cover topics including the physical process of hearing, why we lose our hearing, protecting your ears, hearing wellness and how to improve your hearing.

Building your confidence: Whether you spend your time surrounded by people or in the quiet comfort of your home, hearing aids can significantly improve your quality of life. We’ll teach you how to care for your hearing devices and show you how to improve your listening experience.

Training your brain: As you wear your hearing aids, you’ll become more acclimated to the sounds you’ve been missing. It’s crucial to keep your hearing healthcare provider informed of your progress so your devices can be adjusted to keep up with your pace.

Woman with her hand held to her ear

Bring a Support Partner

Improving communication between people with hearing loss and their loved ones is vital during this process. We encourage patients and their families to learn ways to overcome challenges together to enhance their social engagement.

A support partner will:

  • Offer another set of ears to help you retain as much information as possible.
  • Learn practical techniques to assist conversations.
  • Provide encouragement.
  • We host classes once a week for three weeks, so you can choose which class works best for your schedule.

Are you interested in signing up for aural rehabilitation classes? Send us an email, and a staff member will contact you to get you set up.

The team at Hearing Associates looks forward to guiding you and your family on your path to better hearing. For more information on our aural rehabilitation services, call 888.760.2032.