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Crocodile Rockin’: Elton John’s Hearing Tech Puts Power in Listeners’ Hands


Hearing assistance technology is pushing the envelope once again, thanks to the help of musical legend Elton John. The Rocket Man himself partnered with Peex to create a concert-centric listening device that puts customizable hearing power in your hands. This is great news for those with hearing loss who may miss out on live performances.

Luckily, Elton John isn’t the only musician jumping on the hearing support bandwagon. Within the last several years, Styx broadcasted the final show of one of their tours straight to peoples’ hearing aids. The rock band worked with Oticon Opn™ to live-stream directly into Oticon brand hearing aids.

How It Works

Peex is a device that captures sound through a microphone worn around your neck. Transmitters are set up in the venue to send signals to an app for smart devices and syncs to the listening device. Each device comes with earbuds that are connected directly to the receiver.

This technology greatly improves the overall concert-going experience, even for those without hearing loss. Peex features include:

  • Minute by minute control over five separate audio channels
  • Customizable listening experiences
  • Safe hearing environment for those who struggle with loud environments
  • Ambient experience without canceling out noise
  • Rental options at select venues
  • Guaranteed function regardless of the number of users
  • A sustainable app that won’t drain phone batteries

You can customize a concert throughout the night. If you want to turn down the drum solos and crank up the vocals, you have the power right at your fingertips.

A Step In The Right Direction

Elton John’s investment in Peex’s hearing technology is more than a chance to enjoy a concert. More companies are investing in improving available hearing technology, furthering improvements, and reducing stigma.

People with hearing loss won’t need to worry about missing out on conversations or special events. As assisted hearing devices become more widespread with broader applications, people will be able to venture into different noisy environments with confidence regardless of their hearing capabilities.

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