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Enjoy The Sounds Of The Season

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The sounds of the holidays transport us back to treasured memories of years past. They also help us enjoy the moment as we spend joyous time with our loved ones. And while your holidays may look, and sound, a bit different this year, good hearing aids can still help you bask in the ambiance of the season.

Be Prepared For Holiday Festivities

You’ll be able to enjoy the holidays better if you’re prepared for different listening environments.

Pack a kit: Bring extra batteries – or charge your devices overnight if you have rechargeable batteries – and a cleaning kit. Clean and dry hearing aids with plenty of power will provide you the opportunity to hear all kinds of holiday sounds.

Talk to the host: Visit your party host before the holidays if you’re attending an in-person event. If you know what kind of hearing environment you’re walking into, you’ll feel more at ease during the gathering. Then you can spend your time enjoying music and conversation instead of struggling to listen.

Remote Holidays

Practice setting up your video calls before the party if you’re going to attend your holiday gathering remotely. This will give you the chance to see how your hearing aids receive audio or set up streaming to compatible hearing aids. You can also turn on the closed captions if you’re struggling to understand the conversation.

Find a well-lit space and keep the lighting on your face. Make sure your family and friends do the same so you can read lips and catch visual cues.

Find A Good Place To Listen

Dining rooms and kitchens aren’t the best places for conversations, in-person or remotely. Opt for a room with carpeting, furniture, or drapes that will absorb background noise. Ask your loved ones to take turns speaking during a video chat to avoid confusion.

You may also need to ask them to turn down the background music so the smart device or computer doesn’t pick up the background noise.

Tell Your Loved Ones What You Need

No one wants to miss out on this special time to catch up with loved ones – especially when you’ve been social-distancing. Advocate for yourself and tell your loved ones what you need. You may have to ask them to slow down, speak up, or repeat themselves. Finding a relative to help clarify miscommunications may also help keep the conversations flowing.

Come to Hearing Associates for hearing aid adjustments and fittings. We offer comprehensive services that will have your hearing ready for the holidays.