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How Hearing Loops Improve Your Listening Experience

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f you have hearing aids with a telecoil, hearing loops can provide you with a better listening experience by reducing background noise and improving sound quality.

What Are Hearing Loops?

A hearing loop system is a type of assistive listening technology.

Here’s how they work:

  1. A wire loop is connected to a sound system that distributes sound throughout a public space.
  2. The sound system’s amplifier sends a current through the wire loop, which generates a magnetic signal.
  3. Compatible hearing aids and cochlear implants convert the magnetic signal into audio with a telecoil feature.
  4. The hearing aid converts the audio signal into sound for your ear.

A hearing loop eliminates unnecessary background noise and acoustic obstacles by delivering sounds directly to your hearing aids. That means you can listen to public speakers, movies, live performances and airport announcements without contending with ambient noise.

How do Telecoils Work?

A telecoil is a small copper coil that’s available for many hearing aid styles. It functions as a wireless antenna by linking your hearing aids to the sound source and delivering high-quality audio directly to your ears. Some cell phones and all landline phones also use telecoils.

Telecoils must be programmed into your hearing aid or cochlear implant and switched to the “T,” telecoil or hearing loop setting. No additional receiver or equipment is required, so you can connect to the audio streaming system with ease.

If your hearing aid doesn’t have a telecoil, you’ll need a headset that connects to the hearing loop receiver. You can also purchase a separate accessory for your hearing aids to access the telecoil.

How Aural Rehab Can Help

You may need assistance while you’re getting acquainted with your new telecoil hearing aids. Aural rehabilitation classes provide the education you need to wear your hearing aids effectively and comfortably.

Hearing Associates offers Your Hearing Journey classes so you can build a support network of people who share similar experiences. We will teach you to use and maintain your devices, switch on telecoil features and interact with hearing loops.

Hearing Loops Near You

Several locations provide hearing loops near Mason City, Iowa and Albert Lea, Minnesota.

  1. Hearing Associates in Mason City, Iowa.
  2. First Lutheran Church in Northwood, Iowa
  3. Wesley United Methodist Church in Mason City, Iowa
  4. Garner United Methodist Church in Garner, Iowa
  5. Northwood Movie Theater in Northwood, Iowa
  6. Albert Lea Community Theater in Albert Lea, Minnesota

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