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Tips on How To Prevent Hearing Loss This Summer

It’s officially summer!

Studies show that people spend up to 63% more time outside during the warmer months. No surprise, really.

But you may not have considered one of the dangers of the summer season. Between lawnmowers, loud graduation parties, outdoor concerts and fireworks displays, your ears are subjected to many potentially damaging sounds during this time of year. Any noise above 85 decibels is considered dangerous. Look at how loud these common summertime sounds are:

  • Lawn mowers, weed whips, hedge trimmers, chainsaws, drills and other power tools
  • Boats, jet skis and motorcycles
  • Auto races, truck and tractor pulls

Household culprits that can exceed 85 decibels include vacuum cleaners, blenders, dishwashers, and blow dryers.

By taking a few simple precautions, you can decrease the likelihood of sustaining hearing loss.

  • Limit your exposure to loud sounds. When you cannot avoid a noisy environment, try to distance yourself from the source of the sound.
  • Alternate quiet and loud activities.
  • Use hearing protection.

At Hearing Associates, we offer custom-made plugs and molds to prevent hearing loss. Schedule an appointment with us today.

The outdoors beckon. Go ahead and enjoy. But remember to care for your hearing while you’re at it.