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Summer Hearing Aid Care Tips

Heat, humidity, perspiration and air conditioning can damage the delicate circuitry in your hearing aid.

Now that warmer weather is here, we want to offer some tips for caring for your hearing aids during the summer months.

  • Keep them clean. Wipe down your hearing aids every night before bed. Earwax, sweat and other residue tends to build up during the day. Because hearing aids gather more bacteria with increased humidity, you may want to use an antimicrobial product every few days to keep your devices sanitized.
  • Remove your hearing aids before applying bug spray, sunscreen, hairspray and perfume as they can clog the microphone openings.
  • Check your batteries daily. Look for corrosion, which can appear as an orange or white powder. You can remove it with a pencil eraser. Remember to carry extra batteries with you.
  • Don’t expose your hearing aids to extreme temperatures. Don’t leave them in your car or store them near an air conditioner.
  • If your hearing aids get wet, promptly remove the battery and allow them to air dry for several hours. Don’t use a heat source to speed up the drying process.

Taking proper care of your hearing aids will help them last longer and keep them performing at their best.

At Hearing Associates, we carry hearing aid accessories, including filters, dryer boxes and Super Dry Aid Packs to help you maintain your devices. We also encourage you to bring your hearing aids in quarterly for professional cleaning and maintenance.