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What Are Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

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They’re wireless devices that can optimize your hearing, allowing you to enjoy activities such as watching your favorite TV show, talking to your family over the phone and listening to music wherever you want.

How Bluetooth Hearing Aids Work

Bluetooth hearing aids wirelessly communicate with other Bluetooth-enabled devices by exchanging radio frequencies to deliver audio to your ears. Some Bluetooth hearing aids stream audio directly while others require a separate device to transmit audio.

Benefits of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Improved listening experience: You have the option of connecting one or both hearing aids to Bluetooth-compatible devices. Streaming audio eliminates background noise interference, allowing you to listen without straining your ears.

Custom settings: Bluetooth hearing aids are adjustable via a remote or an app. You can download the manufacturer’s app to your mobile phone or tablet and adjust your hearing aid settings with the touch of a button. Depending on the type of hearing aid, you could also switch between preprogrammed settings for different environments.

Multiple connections: Connect your hearing aids to compatible smartphones, tablets, computers and TVs. You can also switch between audio from different devices. For example, you could answer a phone call while watching a show and return to the TV audio after you hang up.

Easier phone conversations: Phone and video calls can be more enjoyable when you don’t have to contend with background noise or audio feedback. You won’t have to worry about bringing your phone to your ear because the audio will stream right to your hearing aids like a set of headphones.

Music and TV streaming: Listen to your favorite music without having to remove your devices. Watch your favorite shows and adjust the volume to your preference and never worry about it being too loud for other viewers. Pairing your hearing aids with a smart TV or TV streamer can improve your comprehension, especially if you watch shows and movies with subtitles.

Tinnitus treatment: Some Bluetooth hearing aids have tinnitus sound therapy programs that reduce the effects of the ringing in your ears.

Who Should Wear Bluetooth Hearing Aids?

Do you love listening to music through headphones? Do you watch TV and struggle to hear the show or game? Bluetooth devices are a good option if you’re tech-savvy and want a hands-free method to stream audio.

They’re also helpful if you have dexterity issues because you won’t have to fiddle with settings on the devices themselves. Bluetooth devices use more battery power, so wearing rechargeable hearing aids also eliminates the need for handling small replacement batteries.

Types of Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Most major hearing aid brands offer Bluetooth devices, including:

  • ReSound Omnia
  • Starkey Genesis AI
  • Phonak Audéo L
  • Unitron Moxi V
  • Signia Styletto Connect
  • Oticon Real
  • Widex Moment

Learn About Bluetooth Hearing Aids at Hearing Associates

The expert audiologists and hearing instrument specialists at Hearing Associates will help you find the right hearing aids to suit your lifestyle needs. Our audiologists will program your Bluetooth devices and make further adjustments as you get used to wearing them. They can also troubleshoot Bluetooth hearing aids for connectivity issues.

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