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Why You Should Hit The Gym With Your Hearing Aids

Man Using Weights Machine With Runner On Treadmill In Background

It’s the age-old question for fitness enthusiasts with hearing loss: “Should I wear my hearing aids to the gym?”

There are a number of reasons we may opt to not wear them while pumping iron or using the elliptical machine – but none of them are good ones.

Hearing Associates in Mason City, Iowa examines some of common excuses people use for not wearing their hearing aids to the gym – and why they shouldn’t make excuses.

I Don’t Need My Devices At The Gym

Wearing your hearing aids while exercising may be more important than you realize. Those with significant hearing loss probably experience balance issues when not wearing devices – it’s not difficult to see how this can be problematic and dangerous when on a treadmill or cardiovascular machine. Besides, you may need to hear announcements over the speaker system or someone asking to work out on the same machine you’re using, especially if the gym is busy.

Sweat Can Damage Hearing Aids

While it’s true that moisture is not exactly a friend to hearing devices, modern units are able to wick away a significant amount of perspiration. You may want to conduct a thorough cleaning after the workout, but the sweat won’t be enough to damage them.

I Don’t Want to Draw Attention To Myself

While we understand the concern, this one is rather silly when you think about it. For one thing, most people aren’t going to notice your hearing aids at the gym – they’re too busy worried about what they look like to notice a discrete device behind a stranger’s ear. There’s a lot of stimulus going on at the gym: music blaring on the speakers or in people’s earbuds; weights clanging around; a class teacher’s instructions; and a general tendency for people to be in their own world. Despite how it may feel, we promise there isn’t a spotlight on the person with hearing aids at the gym.

I Could Lose Or Damage Them

While it’s noble to be concerned about the safety of your hearing aids, consider all of the accessories you can use to help protect them during exercise: sport clips, headbands and other securing devices that can help keep them in place.

Having hearing loss is no reason to stay away from the gym, and we hope you now see that staying fit doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your safety and hearing. To find out more about services available at Hearing Associates locations, call us at 888.760.2032.