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Winter Tips for Hearing Aid Wearers

Man shoveling snow in a driveway

Winter has a way of wreaking havoc on your hearing aids.

Extreme temperature shifts experienced from switching between the cozy indoors and the frigid outdoors – and back again – can cause moisture damage to your devices as condensation forms on them.

Hearing Associates in Mason City, Iowa offers the following tips to hearing aid wearers about taking proper care of their devices during the coldest months:

Keep them warm: Although leaving them in the car’s glove box is OK in mild temperatures, it’s not a good practice in cold weather. Know their whereabouts at all times and try to keep them on your person – your body’s temperature is a more stable environment than switching between hot and cold.

Exercise, cold temperatures and hearing aids don’t mix: If you’re hitting the slopes or taking part in other outdoor sports in the winter, leaving your hearing aids at home. Your perspiration can easily make its way inside your devices.

Care for your batteries: Hearing aid batteries are drained of power with repeated, extreme temperature changes. Keep your supply of batteries indoors and wipe your batteries down regularly to keep them dry.

Keep them covered: Cover your ears with hats, earmuffs or at least a hood any time you’re outside in the winter to keep the temperature around your hearing aids more consistent.

Reduce excessive noise: Adjust your hearing aids when you venture out to avoid excessive noise from a snowblower, chainsaw or other piece of equipment to protect your hearing.

Act quickly if hearing aids malfunction: If your device stops working after a trip outside, open up the battery compartment to allow it to dry out. If the hearing aid still doesn’t work, try the following drying techniques:

  • Leave it sitting in rice overnight
  • Blow a fan directly on it
  • Use a hearing aid dehumidifier

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