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Training Your Brain to Hear Better

Woman adjusting hearing aid while audiologist looks on

Although being diagnosed with hearing loss represents a challenging time in anyone’s life, it need not be mourned as the end of life.

Individuals who have made significant improvements to their listening experiences with hearing aids know the benefits of technology when it comes to effectively communicating with others.

Auditory Training

Auditory training is the process of using formal listening activities to improve one’s listening and speech understanding abilities. The goal is to optimize the perception of speech through the training of cognitive processes needed in listening. This technique has been known to help hearing aid wearers better understand speech in difficult listening environments.

When a brain that has been deprived of typical sound reception is introduced to sound again through hearing aids, cortical areas of the brain must go through a reorganization of sorts. Auditory training is typically practiced by someone with a recent change in their hearing abilities, whether through hearing aids or a cochlear implant.

Many audiologists do not offer these types of resources to patients, focusing primarily on hearing aid fitting and servicing.

Hearing Associates in Mason City, Iowa, Albert Lea, Minnesota and the surrounding areas offers classes on aural rehabilitation, which involves different therapies aimed at helping you live a better life with hearing loss.

These classes, held once per week for each three-week session, will benefit you in a number of areas, including hearing aid care; communication strategies; how to overcome environmental obstacles; strategies on protecting your hearing; and network with others in similar hearing situations. To join the next class, call 888.760.2032.

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