The Best – And Worst – Gifts For Hearing Loss

Image of granddaughter giving a gift.

There’s an art to giving gifts – not everyone is graced with this art, it seems.

However, a little planning and understanding of your loved one with hearing loss can make gift-giving artists of us all. Hearing Associates in Mason City, Iowa offers the following suggestions on finding the perfect gift for those with hearing loss:


Because hearing health is a lifelong endeavor, it’s recommended that parents and family members consider a toy’s noise level when determining whether to buy it for a child. The Arizona Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ACDHH) compiles an annual list of the noisiest and safest toys for those concerned with hearing health.

The American Society of Testing and Materials states toys’ sound should not exceed 85 decibels (dB) when the child’s ear is 50 cm (20 inches) away from the source of the noise. Keep in mind many children will put the toy up to their ear, making it even louder.

Children may like to help mom and dad with the yard work, but there are safer ways to do it than with the Black and Decker Junior Leaf Blower. At 113 dB, they would need to wear ear protection just like their parent should with the real thing. Look for safer options such as the Vtech Drop & Go Dump Truck, designed for children ages six months to three years. It lets the child get in on the work at just 66 dB.

Best Gifts For Adults

Here are a few of our favorite items for the 2018 shopping season:

  1. WiFi Digital Doorbell: Products such as this item from Ring lets you see, hear and communicate with visitors from your smart device. It sends alerts to your phone, tablet or computer when motion is detected or when the doorbell is pressed. Works on any home – doorbell wiring not needed.
  2. Vibrating alarm clock: Units like this clock from Sonic Alert will help ensure your loved one gets up in time for work or appointments. Features extra-loud alarm, bed shaker and alert lights.
  3. TV accessories: Watching TV with hearing loss can be challenging. Listening devices such as TV Ears let the person adjust the volume without disturbing others in the room. Soundbars such as the ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 use built-in hearing aid technology.

Hearing Associates offers many of these devices at our offices; contact us to reserve one or more of these items. To give yourself or a loved one the gift of hearing this holiday season, schedule an appointment for complete hearing tests at Hearing Associates in Mason City, Iowa or at our other locations throughout northern Iowa and southern Minnesota.