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Great Gifts for Hearing Aid Wearers

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As the holidays approach, there’s always that one person on your list who is hard to buy for. If that person is a hearing aid wearer (or if you wear hearing aids and want to drop a few hints), here is a list of items that are practical and fun.

A Dehumidifier

Condensation can develop in hearing aids when transitioning inside from the outdoors. A dehumidifier can reduce the effects condensation and moisture damage has on hearing aids.

Alarm ClockLamp

Alarm clock lamps are a practical gift for those with hearing loss. This type of alarm shines a bright light when it goes off rather than making a noise. There are also alarm clocks with a vibration pad that can be placed under the pillow and shake when the alarm goes off.

Smoke Alarm with Flashing Lights

Various models of smoke detectors light up, in addition, to make noise in the event of a fire. Like some of the alarm clocks mentioned previously, some also have vibrating pads to place under pillows.

Hearing Loss Friendly Door Bell

If someone knocks on the door, there are devices that can register motion and make your cellphone go off. Other doorbells can activate additional chimes or be set to make a light flicker. Some devices can even be installed on doors and recognize vibrations when someone knocks, causing lights to flash.

Hearing Aid Charms and Jewelry

They’re available in all different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles and allow hearing aid wearers of all ages the ability to express themselves. Hearings aid charms and headbands like these from EarSuspenders also serve as a very stylish and functional device for babies and children.