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Stress and Hearing Loss

Stressed woman covering her ears as if experiencing hearing loss

Stress is inevitable. Our fast-paced lives bring stressors daily or even hourly.

But did you know that stress can impact you emotionally and physically? In fact, it can even affect your hearing.

Stress affects your body’s blood circulation, including in your inner ear. Hair cells in the inner ear are fragile and require a steady stream of blood to distribute oxygen and nutrients. If there isn’t a constant blood flow to the ears, the ear cells can be damaged, or even destroyed.

Here are some ways to manage your stress and preserve your hearing.

Managing Stress

Prolonged stress may cause permanent damage. To reduce your stress levels and prevent damage, start with taking a break from things that may be causing stress. Try reading more, revisit an old hobby or find a new one.

Managing Hearing Loss

If you are experiencing hearing loss, make time to speak to an audiologist. The audiology team at Hearing Associates can help identify if you have any hearing loss and how severe it is. We will then help find the right hearing aids to meet your needs.

Properly functioning devices is also key to improving your hearing. If you wear hearing aids but haven’t had your hearing evaluated in a few years, we encourage you to schedule an assessment and learn about the latest technology.

To take the next step in your hearing health, contact the offices of Hearing Associates at 888.760.2032 to schedule an appointment.