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Smartphone Compatibility

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With more people embracing new technology, hearing aid manufacturers are developing ways to assist people of all ages with hearing loss.

In-Ear Streaming

Utilizing a smartphone app, a hearing aid wearer can answer a call and have it stream directly into their hearing device. Aside from phone calls, the hearing aid wearer can stream music and driving directions, much like wearing earbuds. When you are in a crowded, noisy setting, the smartphone can be used as a directional microphone, which can stream a conversation directly to the hearing aid.

Save Settings for Favorite Locations

If there are a few places that you spend most of your time or visit regularly, you can now mark various locations as favorites: home, work, even restaurants. After creating your personalized settings on your hearing aid for that location, your smartphone will be able to save the location as a favorite. The next time you visit that location the GPS on your smartphone will recognize it and adjust to those settings automatically.

Find Misplaced Hearing Aids

If you have ever forgotten where you took your hearing aids off and left them, there are apps that can track them and alert you if you are near them.  A “hot and cold” function will let you know if you are getting closer or moving away from your hearing aids.

If you are interested in learning more about using your hearing aids’ smartphone compatibility or upgrading to a smartphone ready hearing aid, please contact Hearing Associates at 888.760.2032 to schedule an appointment.