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Tips for Enjoying a Party with Hearing Aids

Family gatherings, weddings, barbeques, graduations and birthday parties are times to come together with your loved ones. They can also be noisy, making it difficult for you to socialize. Try these techniques before and during a party so you can enjoy yourself.

What To Do Before the Party

Get Some Rest

You may experience listening fatigue if you have hearing loss because your brain uses more energy to interpret audio. Noisy environments, like parties, require your brain to work harder to filter background sounds. Getting a good night’s rest before a party will help you feel refreshed and energized.

Charge Your Hearing Aids

Your hearing aids should do the heavy lifting in loud environments. Put fresh batteries in your hearing devices before the event to ensure you have enough power. Or place your hearing aids on their docking station to charge them overnight if you have rechargeable devices.

Pack Supplies

Bring extra batteries with you so you have functional hearing aids, even in an emergency. Hearing aid accessories can be helpful, too. Handheld and table mics amplify speech during table discussions. A TV streamer is good for movie nights because it sends audio directly to your devices, allowing you to adjust the sound to your preference.

What To Do During the Party

Advocate for Yourself

Be honest about your hearing loss. Don’t hesitate to ask family or friends to speak louder or slower so you can understand what they’re saying. Ask a loved one to be your hearing buddy and clarify, rephrase, or repeat anything you might miss.

Find Places with Minimal Background Noise

Steer clear of crowded rooms like the living room and kitchen so you don’t contend with multiple conversations. Move away from speakers, TVs and music to minimize the effect of background noise. Look for rooms with carpets, rugs, furniture and other soft surfaces that absorb echoes. A one-on-one chat in a quiet spot may be easier than trying to catch up around the dinner table.

Look for Good Lighting

A well-lit room illuminates your speaking partner’s face so you can read facial expressions and lips. Watching someone’s body language allows you to listen instead of just hearing so you can understand their meaning. Move flowers, vases and other tabletop objects that are in the way.

Adjust Your Settings

Hearing aids have settings to help you optimize your hearing during a social gathering. Noise reduction technology eliminates background sounds so you can focus on a speaker. Directional microphones are another feature that prioritizes the speech in front of you. Adjust your hearing aids with apps or use adaptive settings that modify your devices based on your ambient surroundings.

Take Listening Breaks

You may still experience listening fatigue even if you’ve prepared for a noisy setting. Take a break and find a quiet space to rest your ears and brain for a few minutes. That can ease the effects of overstimulation, allowing you to return to party refreshed and focused.

Tips for Hosting a Hearing-Friendly Party

Here are some suggestions if you’re hosting a friend or family member who has hearing loss:

  • Use round tables so guests have equal access to each other.
  • Turn down music and TV audio to accommodate conversation.
  • Break the party up into multiple rooms so everyone isn’t talking in one spot.
  • Face the person you’re speaking with and get their attention before addressing them.
  • Use paper or plastic dishes to reduce cutlery noise.
  • Designate quiet spaces for individual conversations.

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